Who are you?

We started as 2 local Vancouver women who felt compelled to simplify the connection between those who need help and those willing to lend a hand. We’ve got a growing team of wonderful volunteers helping to strengthen the website functionality and match recipients with volunteers behind the scenes. We are 100% volunteer run.

These times are hard on all of us, but our hearts have been with those who cannot afford to stock up on food, to buy basic cleaning supplies, or to access the stores to find what they need. We believe that helping each other and building a stronger community mindset helps us all in times of uncertainty.


We are appreciative of the following organizations and teams that have contributed to the foundation of our platform, and our ability to Share the Goods with those in need.

Basecamp - Project Management

Project management software that helps keep us coordinated and efficient with our internal communication and organization.

DigitalOcean - Cloud Infrastructure

Digital Ocean provides the physical infrastructure to operate our application and database with reliability, durability, and performance, so that we can focus on providing the strongest experience possible.

Fathom - Privacy Focused Analytics

Behavioral analytics can provide a tremendous amount of feedback to our team about how people are using our website and how we can improve it. Fathom Analytics lets us collect some of that data, without having to compromise your privacy and hand it over to the big tech companies that are going to use it to target you with advertising.

New Relic - Application Performance Monitoring

New Relic lets us understand the underlying performance of our software, application, and database, so that we can optimize it to be the most reliable and high performance possible, providing the smoothest experience.

Unsplash - Creative Assets

High quality images from talented creative professionals.