Frequently asked questions.

How does it work?

We’re busy matching volunteers and recipients based on location, family size, and donation amount. Once matched, we will send the volunteer their match’s first name, email and phone number. The volunteer will then reach out to their match, pay for, and coordinate the delivery of the goods. Options include: (1) order online to be sent to your match, (2) order online for your match to pick up in-store, (3) personally shop and deliver, or (4) email a gift card.

Beyond the 5-10 items your match requests, you can supplement the order with additional items if you’d like to. A sample grocery list can be found here.

Is this a one time thing or an ongoing commitment?

This is just a one-time grocery contribution. We do not expect volunteers to offer support to their match on an ongoing basis.

Who pays for the groceries or supplies? Do the recipients need to reimburse anyone for what is purchased?

The volunteer pays for the goods. We only accept applicants that demonstrate a financial need. The recipients do not need to reimburse their match.

How much do I need to donate?

You can spend as much or as little as you want. Our suggested minimum is $25. We ask in the online form to provide an approximate spend range so we can match you with a family size that makes sense.

How do you screen recipients?

In times like these, trust in our community goes a long way. Similar to how food banks operate, if a recipient reaches out for food, we trust the need is there. Having said that, we will only move forward with a match if the following criteria is met:

  • You can clearly explain how you have been impacted by COVID-19, a phone discussion may be required

  • You can demonstrate that you have a financial need

  • You provide an accurate address, phone number, full name and validated email

  • We have a volunteer signed up in your community

We’ve found that when recipients take the vulnerable step to ask for help, they’ve been sharing some moving pieces of their story with us. We do our best to share these with their match when appropriate, to help give context to the recipient’s need. If for some reason you’re questioning the intentions of your match, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will look into it.

Can I send a money transfer to my match?

We recommend food and supplies only to avoid misuse of the platform by anyone ill-intentioned. A grocery gift card purchased online is a great alternative if food can not be delivered.

Do you charge any fees?

Nope, nil, nada. We set this platform up simply to help connect people who want to lend a hand with people who need assistance. We are volunteering our time. The rest is up to you!

What information is shared with my match?

We share the first name, email and phone number of the recipient with the volunteer. The volunteer is then tasked with reaching out to the recipient to understand further details. None of the volunteer’s information is shared with the recipient. If you’re concerned about privacy, we suggest reaching out to your match with a blocked phone number or generic email.

I submitted the form but haven’t been matched yet - what’s up?

If you’ve submitted a request for help and haven’t heard within a week, that likely means that you haven’t met our screening criteria or we don’t have a volunteer signed up in your community. If you’ve volunteered to help, that could mean that we don’t have an applicant in your community at this time. Please be patient with us and know that we’re doing our best to match all volunteers and recipients as quickly as possible.

Can I donate my time instead?

First, thank you for your interest in getting involved. The best thing you can do to help us out is share the website with anyone in your community who may need a hand or can volunteer to provide support. Unfortunately, we are not currently set up to accept volunteers for anything other than purchasing and arranging delivery of goods for people in need. We’d suggest reaching out to your local food bank or community groups to see where your time can best be put to use.