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Anything else I should know?

  • One-time only: Your commitment is only for a one time grocery delivery - you do not need to provide ongoing support.

  • Food only: We only expect you to support your match with food - no monetary support, technology, gifts, medication, etc.

  • Online delivery can be tricky: While it is our most recommended approach, some cities are particularly backed up for delivery. We will work with you to find a better option if that’s the case in your community.

  • Respect your match’s privacy: When we match you, we try to share a bit of your match’s story. Please respect their privacy and keep this confidential.

Curious about how we screen recipients?

  • They’re able to explain how they’re experiencing food insecurity.

  • They can demonstrate that they have a financial need.

  • They provide an accurate address, phone number, name and validated email.

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We are currently only accepting submissions from Canada, but endeavour to expand as soon as possible.